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Our difference

Welcome to Balmain Chiropractic Centre. We are the chiropractic division of Sydney Spine & Sports Centre. We are a group of like-minded chiropractors committed to providing the highest standards in chiropractic care. 

At Balmain Chiropractic Centre, we provide high quality chiropractic, focusing on self-management and personal and individualised treatment programs. All of our chiropractors have post graduate qualifications in the management of musculoskeletal disorders and are very experienced in assessing, diagnosing, treating and managing complex spinal, muscle and joint problems.

Our chiropractic services

At Balmain Chiropractic Centre, we offer a range of chiropractic treatments for disorders of the musculoskeletal (spine, muscles and joints) system including:

  • Experienced McKenzie Method trained chiropractors who can provide an a comprehensive expert opinion on effective management for spinal and extremity pain and problems.
  • Chiropractors with advance training and clinical expertise in the management of complex spine, muscle and joint problems.
  • Sports chiropractors who understand complex sports injuries.
  • Highly skilled chiropractors specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of neck pain, back pain and intervertebral disc problems.
  • Chiropractors specialising in the treatment of sciatica and chronic neck and back pain.
  • Personal and individualised treatments and rehabilitation programs concentrating on self management & injury prevention exercise programs.

We are the only Mckenzie certified chiropractors in Australia

What is the Mckenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is a research supported and proven treatment approach for the treatment of neck pain, back pain and problems with intervertebral discs such as sciatica. McKenzie Method was developed by Robin McKenzie, a world renowned pioneering physiotherapist.

The McKenzie Method offers people suffering with neck pain, back pain and extremity (arms and legs) problems a non-surgical treatment option that is based on the gold-standard of chiropractic and physiotherapy care.

Our Balmain chiropractors are the first and only chiropractors in Australia to be awarded the McKenzie certification, which is a testament to the ongoing and continued work our Balmain chiropractor do each and every day.

What our chiropractors do

At Balmain Chiropractic Centre, we are constantly refining what we do to get you better, quicker. Our chiropractors are highly skilled and trained to offer you comprehensive treatments that are proven to help.

In summary, our chiropractors provide:

  • Safe, effective and cost-effective treatment for spine, muscle and joint problems
  • Reliable diagnosis and classification for spine, muscle and joint complaints
  • Self-management treatment options for patients to encourage and empower patients to manage their current symptoms without having to rely on their chiropractors.

Balmain Chiropractic Centre is the chiropractic division of Sydney Spine & Sports Centre.


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