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Ankle pain

Ankle pain is an extremely common presentation to our Balmain Chiropractic Centre. Ankles are extremely complex and transmit forces up and down our legs that are many times our body weight. To allow this transmission of force without becoming injured our ankles must work optimally. Seemingly simple tasks such as bending, walking, running require a complex combination of ankle strength, balance and coordination. We need optimally moving ankles that can do their job many times over. We get in and out of a chair on average 70 times a day and walk thousands of steps each week. It’s not hard to see how our ankles can become overloaded and lead to acute irritation, inflammation and chronic injury.

ankle pain

Causes of ankle pain

  • Acute ankle injuries – ankle sprains and rolled ankles
  • Chronic overuse injuries – tendonitis and stress fracture
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor ankle biomechanics
  • Poor mobility, strength and endurance of ankle muscles
  • Poor footwear and biomechanics

Symptoms of ankle pain

  • Sore, tender, or tired ankle(s)
  • Sharp shooting pain, dull pain or burning sensation in the foot or ankle
  • Locking, catching or giving way of the ankle
  • Poor ankle balance
  • Morning stiffness or night pain in the ankle or foot
  • Loose or unstable ankles

Common conditions of the ankle

  • Sprained or rolled ankles
  • Ankle tendonitis or tendinopathy
  • Ankle fractures or dislocations
  • Post-surgical ankle that need rehabilitation

What to do about ankle pain

Any ankle pain should be looked at by a health professional who focuses in muscles and joints such as a chiropractor. At Balmain Chiropractic Centre we provide high quality, safe and gentle treatments for ankle pain and problems. Our Balmain chiropractors give treatments for acute ankle injuries such as ankle sprains and chronic injuries such as tendonitis. Ankles are complex and need to be looked at by a chiropractor that has advanced knowledge of the ankle biomechanics, injury mechanisms and treatment strategies.


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