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Top 3 things to do when you injure your back

Back injuries are extremely common in both sedentary and sporting populations and accounts for the musculoskeletal disorders with the highest years lived with disability. In fact, lifetime prevalence of back pain is 80%! Attending to back injuries as soon as they occur is associated with a better outcome and reduces the rate of re-injury. In …

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9 lifestyle factors causing back pain

In today’s modern society, we lead more sedentary lives than ever before. Our lifestyle choices directly impact on our health. Some lifestyle factors can actually lead to back pain both indirectly and directly. Importantly, many of these lifestyle factors leading to back pain are in fact avoidable. The socioeconomic burden of back pain in Australia, …

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What to do to prevent neck pain

At Balmain Chiropractic Centre we are passionate about helping you avoid neck pain, treating your neck pain if you get it, and educating you about all the different aspects of neck pain recovery. Give one of our chiropractors a call today.

Balmain chiro - back pain facts

Back pain facts from our Balmain chiropractors

Read further and let our Balmain chiropractors give you all the facts. This year 40% of Australians will get back pain, its nice to know that Balmain…